220,000~/month※Caregiver Service※Nagoya※Meito-ku

Caregiver Service
Salary from to 220,000

Nagoya – Meito Ku – Takabari


  • the salary varies according to certification, experience, worked hours, etc. It is possible to make from 245,600 to 264,600 / month


・No certification in Kaigo is ok but it is necessary to have experience and speak japanese well.
・Kaigo shokuin shonin-sha kenshū shūryō-sha ok

【Nihongo level】

  • It is necessary to be able to read/write Hiragana/Katakana and be able to communicate well in japanese to report daily occurrences at the Kaigo service.


  • Teijuusha
  • Eijuusha
  • SSW for kaigo is ok


  • Aichi Ken / Nagoya shi (Meito Ku) Takabari

【Working hours】

  • Shift system (Koutai)
  • 4 working days / 3 days off

(1) 07:00 ~ 16:00
(2) 8:00 ~ 17:00
Break: 60 min

【Days off 】

  • 4 working days / 3 days off
  • Paid annual leave (after 6 months): 10 days/year

【Transportation assistance】

  • Covered expenses (up to 25,000 yen per month)


  • Over 18 years old


  • You can drive to work, but there is a parking fee: 2,500 yen / month (paid by the employee).
  • Uniforms available (borrowed free of charge).
  • Company’s in-house cafeteria available

【Availability of housing】 

  • Single-person housing available (One-room apartment)
  • Rent approx. 25,000 yen [water, gas, electricity, etc. not included].

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