15.000/day※Seishain job in construction※Aichi※Tokai shi

Oomura Gumi Inc. (Tokai Shi)  

Wage: 15,000/day.
Permanent Staff (Seishain) – Tokai Shi (Aichi) – 2 openings
Construction Work

【Job type】


★ Daily wage 15,000 yen basis

  • ( probation period {first 3 months} 14,000/day )
  • ※ Monthly payment


【Working hours】

  • 8:00~17:00
  • Kyuukei (12:00~13:00 + 15 min in the morning and 15 min in the afternoon )
  • ※ Getting together before going to workplace: 7:30 am

【Regular working days】

  • Monday~Friday
  • Monthly working average = 22~23 days

【Regular days off】

  • Sundays and Holidays
  • (According to the company’s calendar) but it can be changed due to situations.
  • ※ Days off every other Saturday between April and October.


  • All social insurances required by Labor law
  • Helmet
  • Uniform
  • Safety shoes
  • Safety boots

【Commuting allowance】

  • Up to 15,000 yen/month


  • Jun-chūgata menkyo or above (MT – Manual) * Essential and necessary. Without such a driver’s license, there is no way to be hired.
Jun-chūgata menkyo
Jun-chuugata menkyo
  • Sharyō-kei, Tamakake, chūgata menkyo
    (even better if you have them but not mandatory. But we have preference to those who have them)
  • Experience in construction work (not mandatory, but welcome).
  • Fluent enough in japanese in order to communicate at work without interpreters.
  • Willing to use their physical strength on the job, keeping fit while working.
  • Long term working visa permit (Teijuusha, Eijuusha)


  • 20~45 years old (in order to benefit better from the career progression program).


This job is no longer accepting applications.